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Nanming Beauty Group 21st Anniversary

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Established in 1998, Nanming Beauty Group Limited is the largest independent beauty and slimming equipment agent and consultant in Hong Kong. Our company adheres to the principle of putting customers first and provides appropriate services in all business segments. We have the world's leading beauty and body technology equipment, spa equipment and well-known brands, many of which have been recognized by international design, international dermatology and medical qualifications, collection of the latest information on the Hong Kong beauty and body technology equipment market and the most prestigious international brands.

Quality Assurance

Nanming Beauty Group Limited has not only established a good reputation in Hong Kong, but also become the first beauty equipment agency in Hong Kong to be awarded the ISO9001 quality control system. With the support of numerous clients, the business has been extended from Hong Kong to Mainland China, and branches have been set up in core markets in China including Shenzhen and Shanghai. With rich experience in professional consulting, Nam Ming Beauty Group Limited provides a full range of quality services to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients, and has successfully operated many large scale projects such as clubs, fitness and beauty centers, and clubs.

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