In the Spotlight

4 Plus™ Dynamic Quadripolar Training Course

Asia Pacific Beauty Limited had invited the representatives of the Italian professional beauty equipment manufacturer Novavision Group, Dr Crapelli Danilo, and training instructor, Ms Rose, to host a 4 Plus™ Training Course in mid-August.


Dr Crapelli Danilo illustrated the functions of 4 Plus™ in detail and he also highlighted that 4 Plus™ had the advantages of having 6 patented technologies for treating face & body conditions. It included DQRF™, UPR™, VRF™, 4RFH™, 4NFR™ & RSS™. With the RSS ™ (Radiofrequency Safely System), it controlled the handpiece’s movement to prevent overheating or block the RF emission to avoid any tissue damage. Therefore, Dr Crapelli Danilo said that, ‘4 Plus™ is a very safe and comfortable equipment for face lifting, skin rejuvenation, body tightening, face contouring, body reshaping and fractional resurfacing.’


The training had been divided into 2 parts. The first half focused on face uplifting & eliminating acne scar. Rose used Dynamic Quardripolar on the volunteer’s double chin and cheeks with an immediate effect on skin tightening of these areas. Thereafter, she used 4NFR™ with 32 gold plated pins for treating the acne scar, each with calibrated pressure system. This function was effective on skin rejuvenation and renewal action in the case of scars. The second part was the Dynamic Quardripolar slimming therapy demonstration. Point-to-point energy activates the lipolysis and the stimulation of adipocytes to release Glycerol and Free Fatty Acids. Apart from the demonstration, Rose had also instructed each trainee for the proper ways of using 4 Plus™ and some techniques of lymphatic drainage massage. Under their guidance, all of the attendants had benefit most from this training and learnt the best techniques of using 4 Plus™.